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MARU means gcircleh in Japanese. It also symbolizes good communication with others. My goal is to help people who want to have smooth continuity in their communication with Japanese or the Japanese culture. With this in mind, I founded Language Studio MARU.
There is no shortcut for language study. You have to make a steady effort to remember words or phrases and you also have to take a lot of time to understand new grammar. Besides, MARU does not have any magical powers. It is you that must work the hardest.
However, don't you think it would be wonderful if you could speak in Japanese with Japanese peopleH Don't you think it would be more exciting if you could tell others what you saw, what you heard, and what you think with your own words in Japanese? Maru strongly supports this gI want to tell in Japanese!hdesire to learn. I am willing to help you by easy to understand and fun lessons.
For anyone who studies Japanese for the first time, wants to power-up their skills or wants to restart learning Japanese again, come and join MARU!

Why Language Studio Maru is right for you...

Professional, quality lessons with low prices
I will give you interesting and exciting lessons in a comfortable atmosphere. You can enjoy Japanese lessons through roll-playing activities, games or tasks according to your level. I also use picture cards to help you remember visually. Moreover, these prices are almost the same as group lesson prices of other Japanese language schools.

No application fee, monthly tuition system
Our tuition is based on a monthly payment system which gives students the financial flexibility they need without having to prepare a one-time upfront payment.
In the event of a missed class due to business commitments, personal issues or travel, you can cancel the lesson or you can reschedule for another lesson. In such a case please notify the school 24 hours in advance.
You can start lessons without worrying about sign-up fees. If you withdraw from MARU for any reason mid-month, you will be refunded for the lessons not taken.

You can take lessons before or after work.
Ideal for students who want to study before they go to the office or leave the office late. You can take lessons from 6:30 in the morning until 9:20 in the evening. You can study Japanese according to your schedule.

Customized Curriculum
There are many reasons to study Japanese. gI want to learn slowly; I want to study for an exam; I want to study on a tight schedule; I want to know daily conversation; I want to take a 1-week intensive course; I want to take temporary lessons while I am in Japan for business.h MARU will make your own lesson plan according to your wishes. Please tell me what you want, and your Japanese lessons will start from there.
Of course lessons for the JLPT are available for those who are trying it for the first time or those who didn't do well before.

Only 1 minute from Yoyogi-uehara station
Language Studio MARU is located only 1 minute from the station accessed by the Odakyu Line and Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line. From Shinjuku it is about 5 minutes by express or local train. It also takes 5 minutes from Harajuku and Omotesando by Tokyo Metro. You can also go to many of the main centers of Tokyo conveniently , such as Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Ginza and Asakusa. Contact me if you have questions about directions or transportation costs.

Please ask for more details by E-mail.

Instructorfs Introduction

Language Stuido Maru Exective Officer
Tsue Manriki

Hello, everyone! My namefs Tsue Manriki, a Japanese language instructor.
I was born and grew up in Tokyo so I love Tokyo very much. I worked for a general
trading company for 4 years, and it has been about 15 years since I started teaching Japanese.
In this time, I have given many lessons to business men, trainees, children, junior high
school students, house wives, and students from various countries. I was aware that bigger
language schools have their own method of teaching which is applied the same way to everyone.
Therefore, students cannot receive personalized lessons and are not 100% satisfied.
This was a problem I wanted to address, so I established Language Studio MARU.
MARU has a good location, relaxed atmosphere, and moreover, you can learn what you want to learn.
As for certification, I am officially authorized by the Basic & Practical Teacher's Training@Course with 420 hours of teaching. I am also certified by the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test authorized by the Japanese Ministry of Education. Moreover I can give you specific advice for your conversation ability as I am qualified to give the O.P.I. (Oral Proficiency Interview Test).
I always use Japanese in the lessons, but I can speak English and a little Korean so I sometimes use them for beginners.

Finally I want to tell you about my name. I heard that my ancestor was given the family name of Manriki from his samurai master. In Japan it is a very rare last name. My first name is also very rare. I am sure there isnft anyone with a name like mine. Do you know the meaning of my name? I will tell you in class.

I am looking very forward to seeing you at MARU.


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